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Worst Week EVER [13 Sep 2008|12:36pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So, this past week has been, what one might call...a HORROR!

In the sense it was bad. Not, you know, full of death, murder, and zombie meheym.

Monday I was supposed to work news, but that got shot to hell and I had to work Playback that night. So switched to Tuesday in news.

Tuesday, was average.

Wednesday, long, but average.

Thursday is when things got rough. Had to work playback again. Things just did NOT go right. We get weather off sattelite. ANd you have to be PRECISE on where it is or the picture will look terrible. First feed we got was bad. Not totally unairable, but managed to get refeed.

Sattlelite would not sync up for the life of it. It was in even WORSE condition.

Later missed the start of two feeds. Had to make formats for those two.

Only upside of that day...was new Burn Notice. Yes, I watched what I was not supposed to watch in lieu of my work, but I still kept an eye on my times. So I was good.

Yesterday, sank a little deeper into the sespool of life....

Boss got into a car accident on the way to work. Some wind literally picked up his car and turned it. He was at the hospital yesterday, think he's okay now, but he probably wont be at work for a while, and with good reason.

From there, I went to Franklin/Baldwin to do interviews with Danika. Had to drive in 30+ mph winds. Fun? not so much.

Power CONSTANTLY went out over there. We were lucky to finish and do news. Though was hard doing it with geneator.

Girl who worked (yes past tense) in playback decided to evacuate when she really had no reason to evaccuate. After a long game of phone tag between her, Mr. Greg (Owner of Allens), John, and me...she was fired.

What does this mean? Me working a lot more playback during the week and on weekends.

After this long day I go home power and my back door blown open. Nothing was stolen, it was just the wind. So, I decide to call parents to see if they have power. Didn't want to stay in a non-powered house night of monk/psych finales. Got to go to parents house, but ran into a small hitch. While on the phone with my mom, i set my keys down. I left the house and...FORGOT MY KEYS INSIDE THE LOCKED HOUSE! Couldn't even get into my car.

Meanwhile, winds are blowing hard, and rain is drawing closer and closer. And it did...while I was waiting for my dad to arrive with a spare key to the house. So, as I waited I was huddled into my shed waiting for my dad.

Rest of the night was okay. Got food, solved the Monk finale with no problem. Nailed Psych too. Only cause, you know...clues glow and help. But still figured it out.

On to today!!

I head home, and here a loud thumping sound as i get off the bridge. I had a flat tire.

Thankfully, i was only a few blocks from where I work, so I went to the station. John was there so I borrowed his stuff to change my tire. Went to Chabill's which was thankfully open to fix the tire.

I now get to rest for of now...90 minutes before going BACK to the station to work my playback shift for the night.

So, lets review the good that has happened last two days.

Solved Monk/Psych
Bard's awesome dream post
Decent cover shots/camera work for the news

*bangs head*

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[08 Dec 2007|04:54pm]
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